Together we are more.

Strength comes from living your truth.

In all classes…

  • No judgement zone.
  • Laughter is good medicine.
  • Safety is a top priority.
  • If you’re moving you’re winning.
  • Positive vibes create healing.
  • Inside health shows up on the outside.
  • The only competition is to find your personal best.

Original Strength

Original Strength (OS) was founded by Tim Anderson with the core belief that the OS system will help anyone, regardless of age, physical or mental abilities to breathe, move and live better.

Moving is winning. When Pressing RESET you will move from good, to better, and then to your best.

Pressing RESET on your system is similar to when a computer locks up, we reboot it or Press RESET, allowing it to go back to its original functionality.  The OS Big 5 Resets (breathing, head nods, rocking, rolling, and crawling) are designed to help a person Press RESET and regain their original strength.

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Happy Renegades

Believe in yourself
and all that you are.
Know that there is something
inside you that is greater
than any obstacle.”
~~ Christian D. Larson ~~

I began seeing Renee soon after I had my 2nd baby. I was still carrying 15lbs of “baby weight” and had terrible joint pain.

The week before I called Renee, I met with a trainer at a local gym.- it was TERRIBLE. He did not understand the postpartum body and I felt very discouraged when I left; very aware of all that I COULDN”T do.

Meeting with Renee is so different. She took a lot of time to get to know me, my body, and my goals. The workout plan was customized and we had a great time getting fit. Renee also offered a lot of information about nutrition and most importantly, I always left our session feeling great- stronger, happier, and more motivated.

While working with Renee: I built core strength, lost 15 pounds, and my previously terrible joint pain is completely gone. Renee is without a doubt one of the most positive, encouraging people I’ve ever met (and I’m a psychotherapist…so that says a lot…I “run” with a supportive crowd :-). She’s delightful to work with and great at her job! You won’t regret giving Renee a call.

Amanda P. — Private Training Client 

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Be A Renegade!

Welcome!  Being a Renegade means we do things a little bit different from what you see in a gym environment.  We are here to hear you.  If you have a specific question, reach out and we will make sure to create an article just for you!

dream outrageously
         …run wildly
inspire extravagantly

We look forward to hearing about your fitness goals.