Amanda P. Group Coaching Client

I love your class because: of YOU – I feel so amazing all day when I can start out with a kettlebells class. You are so positive and supportive. We work hard and then we stretch and cool down, so it’s easy to transition into the rest of the day.

I love working out outside. It’s almost like a personal training session because you are so attentive to everyone’s needs and abilities. I don’t worry about injury because I feel you are so detailed in your explanations and will give corrections to help with form. the workout – is varied and never boring. I’ve been able to progress up in weights since I started a few months ago and can tell I’m getting stronger. I run now with NO pain, hallelujah. I had rested and tried different stretches and seen the sports chiropractor, but getting stronger is the difference that is helping me run safely now. The focus on core is perfect but I also like the cardio and full body benefit from the exercises we do.

I like mixing up bells with the original strength.