Jennie P. Group Coaching Client

I’ve been committed to health and fitness for a long time, but sometimes that commitment is easier to maintain than others. I was going through a workout slump, not feeling especially motivated to do much of anything but walk my dog every day. Thinking that trying a new type of workout might hold my interest, I decided to take one of her kettlebell classes. It certainly didn’t hurt that they are conveniently located at my neighbor’s, and in different spots around our neighborhood. Working out with Renee is true joy. I know most people don’t necessarily love working out, but, even if you don’t, you can’t help but have a good time at her classes. Her friendly demeanor made me feel welcome from the first class, and the challenging but doable workouts keep me interested, just as I had hoped. Showing up to class is like getting together with a group of friends, and you just happen to be working out. She works hard to build a supportive, empowering community.

Renee’s knowledge and experience are evident right from the start. She is able to provide modifications for injury or ability on the fly, and never makes you feel “less than” for needing that modification. Her explanations and demonstrations for the different exercises make even the toughest moves approachable for all fitness levels. She’ll push you hard though, so come prepared to work!

One of the best things about Renee’s classes is that while you are working on long-term strength and fitness goals, she simultaneously keeps it interesting by mixing in new moves and ways of training. No two classes are ever the same, though there is continuity between the sessions.

I also really appreciate that Renee continues to pursue new certifications, and is regularly researching and learning about different health and fitness modalities. Rather than being satisfied with the basics and taking the easy road, she strives to be a better, well-rounded instructor and mentor, all for our benefit. Her desire for personal and professional growth, and willingness to share about her learnings and experiences, provides a good model for her clients. She truly “walks the walk,” and I know it has personally made me want to do better and be better!

Thanks Renee, for being a great trainer and role model!