K. H. Group Coaching Client

I love the energy I get from working out, the stress relief and the opportunity to show my children a healthy lifestyle.  Despite a busy schedule, I think it is so important to carve out time for exercise.  I can often be found running while pushing a stroller with 1 or 2 kids riding bikes.  I bring my youngest to KB class with me and I do long runs early on weekend mornings with a great group of friends.

One of my absolute favorite things about working out is camaraderie with others.  Group exercise has always been my favorite.  I’m always so grateful for the encouragement from others and get so much strength from seeing others push themselves hard.   Everyone in our kettlebell classes comes prepared to work every single time and it is so motivating.

Working out with Renee is amazing!  As a cardio junkie, I appreciate that she has encouraged me to push myself to build my strength.  I have seen big changes in my body and I have clearly seen the effects of the strength training on my running.  I am faster and able to run further.  Renee clearly explains the benefits of each exercise so I know the value of each movement.  Every moment of class is thought out and helping us – I appreciate her attention to detail.  But, one of the most important things that I see from Renee is an understanding that we are all human.  We all have days where we are tired, preoccupied, sore and Renee understands that and just asks that we give 100% of what we are able for that day.  (And I would bet that the majority of the time, it is more than we even thought possible)  What a great life lesson we are getting – get up every day and give 100% of what we’re able to give that day.