Lesley I. Group Coaching Client

Blood pressure was always 120s of over high 80s. Her most recent check up on 3/23/17 showed BP of 114 over 71!

From Leslye:

Over the years, I have tried other types of workout classes: Doing my own thing at a gym, using a personal trainer at a gym, and walking/running my neighborhood with a friend. All my previous attempts to start a regular workout pattern failed. The most common reason was that I got bored.
It had been several years since I had worked out, and I was starting to feel the aches and pains of being sedentary. I knew I had to act. I was sick and tired of hurting, getting hurt or winded doing simple tasks and feeling weak. I reached out to Renee to make sure that the class would not be too much for me or that I’d be slowing anybody down. She assured me that the class was a “NO JUDGEMENT ZONE” and that I’d be in a group of women with diverse backgrounds and goals. Plus, the price was right for my needs and budget.
In less than a year, I love that now I can handle heavy objects safely without hurting myself. I can get up easier out of a chair or off the floor. My blood pressure is down, I’m sleeping better, and I’m calmer.