Liz B. Group Coaching Client

I have been going to Renee’s kettlebell class for 5 months now and there is so much I love about it. Renee is a great coach and really cares about each person and their individual fitness path. She makes sure everyone is doing the moves using the best and safest techniques so as to avoid injury and to achieve the best results possible. Renee is also very motivated and she creates a fun atmosphere in every class that makes the time fly by.

I have tried many different exercise classes and routines like Crossfit, running groups, bootcamp, MMA, and team sports, and I can honestly say that her class has really helped me build more muscle in a safer way than any of my previous workout routines. I thought with my past workouts I had at least some experience in most types of exercises, but Renee has opened my fitness world to new kettlebell and original strength moves. I love learning new challenging moves in a fun and safe atmosphere, but the best part by far is seeing my strength and flexibility improve each week.